Law and Society at Acadia University

This page is designed to help first-year Acadia students majoring in Law and Society choose their courses.

In your first year, please plan to take the following courses, which are required for your LAWS Major:

  • LAWS 1003   Introduction to Law and Society
  • POLS 1303   Introduction to Law, Politics, and Government
  • ENGL 1413 or 1483  Writing and Reading Critically 1
  • ENGL 1423 or 1493  Writing and Reading Critically 2

All Bachelor of Arts students are required to complete the Arts Core as part of their degree. The Arts Core requirements are:

  • 6 credit hours in a single language other than English: French, German, Greek, Latin, or Spanish
  • 6 credit hours in English at the 1000-level
  • 6 credit hours of Social Science: Economics, Law and Society, Politics, Sociology, or Women's and Gender Studies
  • 6 credit hours of Humanities: Art, Classics, Comparative Religion, History, Law and Society, Philosophy, Music, Women's and Gender Studies (NB. studio classes in Art and Music do not fulfil this requirement)
  • 6 credit hours of Science: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering (APSC), Geology, Math, Nutrition, Physics, or Psychology

We recommend that you complete the Arts Core in your first year. Please keep in mind that you will complete some of these Arts Core requirements as part of your LAWS Major:

  • ENGL 1413/1483 and ENGL 1423/1493 meet the 6 credit hours in English requirement
  • POLS 1303 meets 3 credit hours of the 6 credit hours requirement in Social Sciences
  • LAWS 1003 meets 3 credit hours of the 6 credit hours requirement in either Humanities or Social Sciences